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OC Oscarson – Wholesale Gift Box

In this blog post we share a story on how to use wholesale gift boxes in a smart way. Keep reading for valuable packaging tips!

OC Oscarson is truly in it for the long run. Considering, they were established 129 years ago and still manage to be relevant. That says something about their capability to develop, level of expertise and customer satisfaction.

We partnered up with OC Oscarson in order to create wholesale gift boxes for product samples.

OC Oscarson’s sells all sorts of textile products and appliances to other businesses. Their goal is to be perceived as a traditional company with a modern mindset. It just made sense for this up-to-date veteran to package samples accordingly.

Wholesale Product Box

When dealing with any product,  you should present it in a way that reflects your brand.

With custom packaging you can make your name really stick and also create a great unboxing experience at the same time.

OC Oscarson did their magic with our classic product box, the material and design works well with their professional approach and aim to be perceived as reliable partner.

Product Wholesale Box

This is a typical wholesale gift box, but what we want to show you guys with this case is how OC Oscarson makes use of all the space in a smart way:

Good examples of a smart packaging design.

The small message on the top lid. Translated from Swedish, “Here’s your sample, hope you enjoy it!”. A good example of how to elevate the unboxing experience and talk directly to your customer.

Do you see how OC Oscarson are using the sides for additional info? Let people know that you have great content on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Product Box For Pro Brand

By designing printed boxes for products in our online 3D tool, OC Oscarson can now send out these sweet sample packaging with their products.

It’s awe… oh wait I mean, it’s Pacsome.

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Efterlad os din e-mail, så sender vi et designlink direkte til din indbakke.

Vælg din type kasse, størrelse og mængde, og start design.

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Classic Product Box