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Nioh – Jewelry Box

Say hello to Nioh. Colorful jewelry made by hand – delivered in a custom jewelry box.

This startup brand is a good inspiration for other new people in the game. Hear the story of how a down-to-earth jewelry brand created a charming identity through elegance and a twist of color.

Let’s get to it.

The jewelry market is growing worldwide and forecasts estimate the market to be valued at 480,5 billion dollars in 2025. So, a lot of businesses are growing in the sector but how can smaller enterprises – like Nioh – create their own place in such a strong market. 

Initially Ingrid, the founder of Nioh, took a bold decision when she developed a minimalistic but colorful look for Nioh. A refreshing and quite unique addition to the jewelry business – which tend to avoid colors.

Handmade Jewelry Nioh

Differentiate from others – check.

Nioh products are packed in an eco-friendly two piece jewelry box with custom print in brand colors. The perfect packaging for smaller items such as earrings, bracelets and other accessories. The box has a sturdy lid which provide the customer with a refined unboxing experience. 

It’s all about carrying your brand the way it deserves.

Ingrid manages to inspire and engage on social media with her authentic designs. Raising awareness and communicating Nioh’s identity at the same time. Never underestimate a well composed instagram, folks!

Nioh custom jewelry box

In the picture above you can see Nioh’s brand-boosting jewelry boxes.

“I am so pleased with the result and can recommend everyone who wants to start a small or big project and are looking for the right packaging to turn to Pacsome.” – Ingrid, founder of Nioh.

Get started with your own jewelry packaging! These boxes can be used as a earring box, necklace box, bracelet box and of course ring box.. Did we forget something?

It is aweso… oh wait I mean, it’s Pacsome.

Before you leave this page. Don’t forget to check out the Nioh webshop and get some handmade jewelry for you or someone dear to you.

Or if you’re ready, start your design here.


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