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Vitamin Box – Aware Nutrition

They build hype. We build boxes. Introducing a cooperation between fitness gurus and packaging nerds.

Our two worlds merged with the launch of their new product series Health Line – their solution to ensure an active mind and healthy life. Packed in a custom printed vitamin box.

The brand Aware Nutrition was founded by Joel Lindqvist and Fabian Gustafsson in May 2019 with the strong ambition to lead a business that promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows everyone behind the scenes.

One and a half years later the brand is already a well-known name in the Swedish ever-growing communities around life at the gym, health and fitness.

Recently we got the opportunity to produce an exclusive giveaway vitamin box for their influencers and brand partners. As a token of appreciation for their good work and invaluable ambassadorship.

A light purple design that pops.

With a beautiful light purple gradient this giveaway kit stands out when delivered and breathes the same feel as the product series. Fresh off the printer, ready for an instagrammable unboxing moment.

A nice detail in the packaging design that goes together really well with the products is the group of colored shapes on the center of the lid. Representing the five products. Each color is for one specific product and is found on the respective vitamin container.

Vitamin Box

What’s interesting about this case is how Aware Nutrition uses custom packaging to maintain a healthy relationship to their brand ambassadors who help the boost brand through engaging content on instagram.

“We wanted to level up from using flyers and such.  This way we create a better experience for people involved in the brand community.”- Joel Lindqvist, co-founder at Aware Nutrition.

Social media as a way to inspire people and strengthen relationships.

Awareness and transparency has since the beginning been the guiding star for this health and exercise brand. And to help them on their way, social media has been a great tool.

By creating engaging content on their social media platforms and maintaining personal relationships to the customers by sharing, liking and commenting – their Instagram has grown 19K followers strong.

Aware Nutrition has with skill and determination worked with influencer marketing to get the word out. But for them influencers are more than a means for increased sales. They are mainly proud partners and members of the community Aware Nutrition.

Nothing to hide. Everything to win.

Scrolling through Aware’s Instagram stories we take notice that there’s a separate story icon named “BehindTheScenes”, here you can see the whole production and packaging process. That is how you make the customer aware of what they purchase! Nothing to hide. Everything to win.

Providing solutions for everyday problems.

In their launch of the Health Line , Aware Nutrition has introduced five new vitamin and mineral supplements that improve your overall well being. Better sleep, longer centration, enhanced immune system, you name it – Aware’s new Health Line covers it all.

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