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Magic Flamingo – Creative Packaging

This time we are showcasing creative packaging made for the popular restaurant Magic Flamingo.

Magic Flamingo is a restaurant that makes you dream of a tropical climate. Enjoy a refreshing drink, have something small to eat or indulge yourself with the complete dinner.

Whatever you decide on, one thing’s for sure, Magic Flamingo brings you Latin American dishes full of flavor combined with current food trends. So, expect a twist or two.

After you finish your meal Magic Flamingo has one final twist up their sleeve.

The bill is handed to you in a custom box! Forget the days where your bill lies in an old and beat-up leather cover. 

Fun Packaging With Magic Flamingo

This case is a good example on how to use creative packaging as an amusing alternative to old, conventional methods!

With customization of your packaging you’ll have the opportunity to tailor a message directly to your customer. Go for the classic “thank you”-message, promote your social media or why not do some storytelling about your business. 

Magic Flamingo and award-winning designer Mikael Selin went for the chuckles with this design, where a flamingo-neck stretches over all edges. A creative touch that is pleasing to the eye.

Custom Fun Box | Magic Flamingo

The material used for these innovative boxes comes from sustainable forestry.

The print uses no oil and the box is recyclable. So,  to sum it up – it’s very eco friendly and has minimal impact on the environment. Who says fun boxes can’t be sustainable?

Read more about our environmental work here.

Our product box is the one that has the most standard sizes, meaning you can get your own custom printed box within a matter of days instead of weeks.

It may be just a box, but to the customer it’s a physical encounter with your brand.

Packaging is very versatile and can be used in so many ways. Magic Flamingos clever box for bills is a good example on how to make your brand pop and leave a lasting impression.

These boxes are re-used several times and then recycled.

We always have fresh content on our inspo page, so be sure to check it out.

Design by award-winning designer Mikael Selin.

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