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We are aweso… Oh wait we meant Pacsome.

Pacsome is a new company from Gothenburg that challenges the packaging industry by making packaging accessible to everyone. At any time. From anywhere.

Our idea is to lead a small revolution, challenging the industry-standard of packaging. In our opinion there’s no doubt custom packaging should be quick, easy, sustainable and always near at hand, no matter if you’re a small B2B player, a mid-size B2C enterprise or an individual. We let you create eco-friendly custom packaging with low minimum order quantities in days instead of weeks.

Join us today, and help make a change on a world riddled with waste. This is just the beginning of something new.

The perks of Pacsome.

Available for anyone. At any time. From anywhere.

The great thing about our custom packaging is that it’s not limited to one type of business. With minimum quantities as low as 30 pieces per order, it’s available for anyone, even individuals. With Pacsome’s online and on-demand online design platform, you can order your custom designs at your convenience and have them delivered to your doorstep or nearest service point in just a few days.

Sustainability at heart.

All of our packaging is made out of 100% recyclable paper, making it an eco-friendly packaging option. By choosing Pacsome you automatically carry out a good deed by planting trees for your purchased packaging for a sustainable future.

Fully customizable.

Rumor has it our packaging is fully customizable, which we would like to confirm is absolutely right. We bring you the packaging you need for your specific products and you decide what it should look like. Our 3D design tool is super easy to use, but if you already have your own design, simply upload it and work your magic. We also have pre-made themes of our own for you to steal with pride.

Make a choice that makes a difference.

With a strong belief in taking responsibility for the planet we all share, creating awesome packaging along the way is just one of the perks. Tailored packaging adds value to your brand and that’s what we do best. But what makes us special is that we won’t do it at the expense of our planet’s wellbeing. That is simply our whole package-deal.

We believe that an investment is not an investment if it destroys our planet. That is why we make an effort to shed light on solutions where innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable packaging go hand in hand.

Waste does not make business sense for anyone.

The very basic aim of sustainability is that packaging is manufactured in such a way that the packaging’s life cycle minimises any undesirable environmental effect. That’s why all of our packaging is made out of 100% recyclable paper, making it an eco-friendly packaging option. In accordance with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, we want to promote sustainable forestry, stop deforestation and recover depleted forests.

Value-driven consumption is increasing and buying sustainable goods will pay off in the long run.  

When your packaging is purchased a tree is planted.

When you purchase packaging at Pacsome you are part of a green movement. For each order you place, you plant a tree in collaboration with Pacsome and OneTreePlanted. That’s why we want to tell you a little bit about trees. Because let’s be honest. They’re absolutely crucial in order for our planet to stay safe. So, without a further ado, five reasons why we plant them:

1. Trees help clean the air and release tons of valuable oxygen that we all breathe. Remember the global upset last year triggered by the Amazon forest fires? Well, that’s how important trees are.

2. Trees absorb and collect rainwater with their branches and roots. Rainwater that would have gone elsewhere if not trees were there to function as protection. Without that protection, excess water poses a risk of harmful flooding and landslides.

3. Forests provide millions of jobs around the globe. So, the social impact is huge. The wood is later on used as material in order to build homes and shelters. Not to mention all the billions of people still depending on it for cooking and heating.

4. Trees absorb and store the carbon dioxide that drives global warming. This is an organic way to take care of emissions. Trees are therefore a simple way to clean the air in cities where there’s a lot of human activity.

5. Securing biodiversity. Eight of 10 animal species found on land live in forests. Do we need to say more?

We partner with environmentally conscious brands and ecolabels.

We challenge and push the boundaries to provide packaging that fits for the world we live in today and in the future, not least concerning the companies we partner with. Not only do we partner with environmentally conscious brands, we also make sure to fulfill our own corporate environmental and social responsibility by using FSC certified material.

Get dedicated to the cause and take your chance to do the same thing. When ordering packaging from Pacsome we provide you with sustainability labels to put on your packaging, to show your customers you are adopting your business to create change.

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